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About us

We are Ruby, Romain, Eric and Claudie, four second year students, following a linguistics or philosophy degree ; all looking for ourselves in the world around us and trying to discover the little and big things that make us happy. Curious and contemplative, we love to wander in nature, in foreign cities and museums, in hope of stumbling onto something new to amaze us. Therefore, art, in all its forms, has a consequent place in our lives. We enjoy spending time at the cinema, reading poetry, listening to music - or playing it for some of us -, painting or watching tv shows and staying in bed way too long. Additionally, we are fond of speaking new languages and immersing ourselves in different cultures. As a matter of fact two of us are writing to you from Italy and Brazil. We never met, yet we have found many things we share, our admiration for art being one of them. 

About our blog 

Art can often feel intimidating and unreachable but it is not so much about culture, or knowledge, as it is about being contemplative and open to emotions. As we contemplate, feel, analyse and interpret a creation, we have the power to make something spring out of it, becoming some kind of creator ourselves, in our own way. Not to mention art doesn’t have to be expressed in a traditional painting or sculpture : we like to find it in anything and everything : an instance, an action, a look, a smile ; as much as we enjoy spending time with the artists through their works.

Besides, art has the capacity to transform, break up, unite, provoke and make us grow. It is both efficient and necessary. For this reason, we’d like to share some of these experiences, through the works that moved, amazed, challenged or startled us. We hope you will discover new works of art, from our selection, or see them through the new and original lenses of our personal approaches.

Therefore, this blog aspires to share with you, reader, some personal and subjective interpretations that the contemplation of artworks evokes in us, in a more poetic than technical approach. It is more of a spontaneous and contemplative feeling than a classic or historical description or critic of the artworks. As non-professionals in the field of art or art criticism, we humbly deliver to you our emotions and thoughts about some pieces of art or artistic manifestations which, for a singular reason, that we will try to explain, touched us. 

Photograph by Kevin Krautgartner
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